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We use Hazcalc as standard for the assessment of Atex hazardous area classification (HAC) zones. This enables us to determine realistic hazardous areas / ATEX zones.

This is a conscious choice! Our experience has shown that the application of simpler guidelines often leads to very large danger zones, as a result of which far-reaching measures must be taken to control the explosion risk. After all, no ignition sources may be present in danger zones and electrical and mechanical installations must be constructed in such a way that they are explosion-proof.

Available online

We have developed Hazcalc from our own practice. After years of working with our own Excel calculation sheets and receiving many questions about making these calculation sheets available, we decided to convert the Excel models into an online tool. It has become a very user-friendly tool with which Atex zones can easily be established.

Hazcalc software

Integrated substance database

In the tool, we have adopted the substance data from the European standard IEC 60079-20-1 so that users can easily obtain the necessary relevant substance parameters themselves, just by selecting the right substance. It is also possible to create user-specific substances in the system.


Which scenarios can be calculated with Hazcalc? The following standard scenarios are included in Hazcalc:

  • Zoning around a liquid pool;
  • Zoning around leaking fittings / flanges (liquid);
  • Zoning around leaking couplings / flanges (gas);
  • Zoning around safety blow-offs;
  • Zoning around filling of tanks/IBC’s/Jerry cans (by released displacement air);
  • Zoning around filling of tanks/IBC’s/Jerry cans (by released displacement air).

In addition, it is possible to manually enter the leakage flow rate and determine the hazardous area’s / ATEX zones on the basis of IEC 60079-10-1.


Hazcalc generates with 1 press on the button assessment a report. This is a “onepager”, i.e. per calculation, an A4 sheet with the calculations and outcome of the zoning, including zone dimensions, gas group and temperature class. This report also shows the company data and company logo. “Multipagers can, of course, also be generated simply by selecting multiple calculations and printing a report from them. An example of a report can be viewed here.

Atex hazardous area classification with Hazcalc is particularly simple and fast.

With Hazcalc the Atex hazardous area classification according to the European standard EN-IEC 60079-10-1:2021 can be performed online. A free demo account can be created so that the tool can be viewed. Hazcalc can be reached at app.hazcalc.com. And more information can be found at hazcalc.com. The user manual can be downloaded here.

Hazcalc rapport

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