ATEX 114 Certification

We support our customers in the ATEX certification of equipment or installations according to the ATEX 114 directive (2014/34/EU) or to the IECEx guidelines. Manufacturers of equipment or manufacturers of assembled plants, which are to be used in a hazardous area or which themselves create a hazardous area, may need to be certified according to the Atex 114 directive.

Own inherent source of ignition
This is the case when this equipment has its own inherent potential ignition source. This obligation for ATEX certification applies to manufacturers and importers who want to market this equipment within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Our Services

We can be of service for, among other things:

  • assessing designs of machines and installations, both mechanical and electrical.
  • carry out ignition analyses
  • indicate which additional protective measures must be taken
  • indicate which Ex protection methods must be applied
  • establish the Atex marking for on the type plate
  • indicate which certification procedure should be followed
  • supply an Ex declaration in accordance with the ATEX 114 directive
  • supply texts for use in user manuals
  • compile technical documentation, such as the technical file

Experience with ATEX Certification

We have gained experience with a wide range of explosion-proof machines and installations, including:

  • oil drilling towers for the oil/gas industry
  • nauta mixers for mixing powders
  • containered skids with process equipment with or without internal source of release
  • Bucket elevators for the transport of bulk material
  • Screw conveyors for the transport of bulk material
  • Various types of conveyor belts for the transport of bulk material
  • Paddle mixers for mixing powders
  • Dust extraction systems for the woodworking industry
  • dust extraction systems for the food processing industry
  • fans + motors
  • storage tanks for both dusty products and combustible liquids




  • reactor vessels for the process industry
  • agitators and boilers
  • liquid separators
  • biogas plants or biogas-related installations
  • valves and cut-off valves
  • seals for liquid pumps
  • winches for use in explosive areas
  • gas scrubbers for solvent vapour cleaning

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