ATEX inspection IEC 60079-17

Companies are required to periodically inspect their machines and equipment used in hazardous areas.


Electrical equipment in zone areas must be assessed in accordance with NEN-EN IEC 60079-17. This includes an assessment of whether the electrical components present comply with the established zones: this can be determined on the basis of, among other things, Ex markings on equipment whereby it is important whether the correct category has been applied, which gas group and which temperature class has been chosen.

In addition, it is assessed whether machines and installations are sufficiently earthed and whether potential equalisation is adequately secured. Measurements can be part of these inspections.

This inspection should therefore not be confused with the EN-ISO 60204-1 inspections. Such inspections are mainly focused on the electrical (touch) safety of equipment.


In addition to electrical equipment, non-electrical / mechanical equipment must of course also be safe for use in hazardous areas. Equipment purchased before 1 July 2003 did not need to comply with the Atex 114 directive at that time. Users of such equipment are obliged to assess, based on the Atex 153 guideline (formerly ATEX 137), whether this equipment can be used safely in hazardous areas.

Equipment purchased after 1 July 2003 should be supplied by the relevant manufacturers in accordance with the Atex 114 Directive (previously ATEX 95 Directive). This means that such equipment will often have an Ex marking.

We can also assess your mechanical equipment for its suitability for use in the hazardous area.

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