Dispersion calculations

For the execution of Atex zone calculations, we use advanced software in addition to the generally available methods such as the NEN-EN-IEC 60079-10-1. With this validated software, we are able to provide well-founded information about the dimensions of hazardous areas.

With dispersion calculations, leak sources in outdoor situations are considered and on the basis of, among other things, roughness of the building and weather influences, it is determined how far a gas cloud is located within the explosive range.

H2 PRV Dispersion

With this software, we are able to perform calculations for various scenarios, including:

  • Safety Relieve Valves;
  • Breaks in gas-carrying pipelines;
  • Leakage of flanges;
  • etc.

Advantage of calculations

With these calculations it is easy to determine the size of the hazardous area and the corresponding shape. Based on these calculations, choices can be made with regard to the design of installations or adjustments to installations.

In general, the more advanced the software, the better the Atex zones correspond to reality. For hazardous areas, which have very large dimensions based on simple models, dispersion calculations may be useful. Based on these calculations, it may be that the area can be defined smaller and potential ignition sources fall outside the hazardous area.

psv pressure safety vents atex

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