Hydrogen Safety


The emergence of hydrogen systems as part of the energy transition is unstoppable. We are receiving more and more questions about the safety aspects of working with or on hydrogen systems.

Examples include workshops for hydrogen vehicles, test set-ups for hydrogen cells, test set-ups for electrolysers, hydrogen storage systems, compressors, filling stations.

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Hazards of hydrogen

Anyone who works with hydrogen systems is often already aware of the explosive properties of hydrogen. In addition, it has several physical properties that make working with hydrogen or on hydrogen systems potentially dangerous.

The dangers are caused by, among other things

  • a low lower explosion limit and a high upper explosion limit;
  • extremely low ignition energy
  • odourless and invisible
  • very light gas that spreads quickly
  • very small molecule that can easily escape through e.g. couplers
  • causes hydrogen embrittlement of metals at higher temperatures and pressures with leakage as a result

Practical solutions

Pol-Safety Safety Advisors B.V. has helped several companies in the past to obtain a safe working environment and/or hydrogen installations. These include :

  • hydrogen labs
  • electrolysers
  • fuel cells
  • compressors
  • delivery points
  • filling stations
  • test facilities
elektrolyser H2

Please contact us for more information on our guidance on hydrogen projects.

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